Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Discovery by Cousteau & Crew

So my home-boy Curtis bought some plain foam mesh hats with the intention that I (being a venerable artiste = AR-TEEST) would draw something neat-o on them. I didn't have any ideas and i kept putting it off because drawing right away in marker without pencilling it in first terrifies me, especially on someone else's stuff. BUTT about a month ago I found an idea that i thought was pretty rad and I just drew it every chance I got to practice in hopes that I would be able to do it on the hat with out messing it up. This was agood plan but it didn't quite work out. Oh well. It still worked but time will be the judge of my success I suppose.

So here it is: A Fire Breathing Shark.

Here's my first drawing of said shark the fire breath came out looking like a nasty burp so I added the tacos bit. it's fire from a flame thrower so it didn't quite look how i wanted. Drawing realistic fire is also hard for me.

Oh I do beg your pardon Gentlemen

SO that turned out alright but the fire was no good. Thankfully there are A LOT of people o nthe internet who like to chronicle making things that breathe fire so there's a wealth of flame throwing pictures out there. This one worked out nicely. I drew it at work obviously as it's on "customer service" note paper and the shark is a rush job.


And here's the finished hat. I think the shark turned out sort of fat but the idea is still cool and it looks alright.


Ning ning!


These pictures kind of remind me of myspace pictures.
It was also my 25th birthday yesterday. I was thinking of making like a big "through the ages of Chris" montage but like i have time for that. Maybe when I'm 26.

ROCK AND ROLL (even if you're a quarter dead. . . assuming I'll live to be a hundred. anyway)


Blogger Ilana said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! Yay!!! And the shark looks awesome. I'm very proud of you. (I can never do anything right on the first try, at least when it comes to drawing.)

8:25 PM  
Blogger Matt X said...

Dude, it's your b-day?!
Shit man, sorry I missed it.
Happy belated.
I'm sort of (very) broke right now,
but I think i'll paint you a painting,
based on that Bear Vs Shark sketch
you did. i'll try to have it ready
for Christmas. Peace.

P.S: Awesome hat.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Did you shove staples through your ears?

That's pretty badass, I must say.

2:05 PM  

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