Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Decade of Rock! (well almost anyway)

I thought it was 10 years because I was in my first band when I was 15 but that can't be right becasue that was wehn I was in grade 10 i thought and that was 96 - 97 Ithink. I'm confused. Oh well. Whatever.

I was talking to Dave about bands. This is my band resume.

This is my 7.5th band. I just counted.

1996 to 1998- Snugglebunnies – Nirvana, Green Day Rancid covers - singer
1998 to 99 - T.H.O. – all originals, grungy – bass player
1998 to 99 - Radium – all originals, grungy + a grunge metal cover of “my sharona” (this band was the same band as THO only with a different drummer) – bass player
2000 to 2001 -The Dukes of Hazzard – punk covers - drummer
1999 -The Junior Mints – punk covers & parody songs – drummer/bass player
1999 – 2000 - Pleasure Fish – Guns & roses/Reel Big Fish cover band – Rhythm guitar
2002 – 2003 - Slapstick – mudvayne style original metal band – singer/screamer
2004 to now - Doppelganger Effekt – whatever we cvan come up with – bassplayer/guitar/back up singing.

Zoot Zoot! So I guess I've never really been without a band for longer than a few months since I became able to be in one. And in my first band i wasn't really able as I couldn't sing, I was the singer because we were friends and i couldn't play an instrument well enough to be in the band.

Keep rockin and rollin folks! And don't forget to come watch us play on December 1st at the Cafe java around 7 or 8pm i think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

7.5? Don't be so hard on Radium. That can't help that they're from Clinton.

Rhinoburger (lead vocalist and sexy front man of the Junior Mints)

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man, we weren't all from Clinton. 2 plus 2 equals 4..I think, and that's 60%. Damn inbreeding, damn you Zurich!

2:48 AM  

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