Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Make my funk the P-Funk

Well I just finished starring in a hollywood blockbuster called Slap Slap: The Rundown kid. My co-star was Danger and it had a pancake scene that was pretty steamy. (it had butterscotch chips in it.) Oh yess.

This chair is too low, i may injure my back in a considerable fashion. Can you feel the danger? Is it ominous? Is it . . .palatable?


I saw you practicing this in your head,

Is it goign as well as you planned?


Bru ha ha ha its the bru ha ha. Thhppt.

I'm not havign very much fun. maybe the internet isn't really hte wave of the future after all. mroe like a WAVE OF HUMAN FECES. err. . or a poodle.

i need to get my giant robot body out of the shop already. I'm getting it rust proofed, cuz you know the people I cruch and rend with it's 50 foot steel gripper arms are just chock full of salt and calcium. No good no good.

I should also get back i nthe lab and work o nthat Bootsy Collins clone I've been working on to get me all funked up. I just haven't been able to get up for the down stroke lately.

I tried this new thing called "work" lately. I'm not too keen on it. Meaning: it's a WAVE OF HUMAN FECES. Soem went righht up my nose. It really burns.

Peanuts. .. monounsaturates. . .


that's something good anyway.

I enjoy a challenge.