Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Theme Park Story

Once when i was in Busch Gardens in Florida they had a custom name keychain making kiosk, and based off the Simpsons itchy and scratchy land episode I asked the guy to make me a "Bort" keychain. He gave me a funny look and said,"Bort?" And said, "yup, that's me." And he throws me anyother funny look, and goes about making the keychain. Then when he was finished he pulls this weird smile and says, "Hey Bort! Your keychain is ready!" I'm like oh hey thanks." Then he adds with kind of a cowboyesque look," That's the best damn Bort I ever made." Then he winked and i left. I displayed it proudly on my knapsack for years until soemone broke into my house and used my back pack to carry out my valuables.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Scientists can now hug chicken on-line

(Real news, you what this is going to be used for for real. It sure isn't going to be for stroking pets, that's for sure.)

Scientists in Singapore have developed a jacket which can transmit the sense of touch over internet, Reuters reports. Strangely, they have so far restricted themselves to testing the technology on chickens, but hope to "use the same concept to transmit hugs over the internet".
Bless. Researchers at Nanyang Technological University told The Straits Times on Monday that a "wireless jacket for chickens or other pets can be controlled with a computer and gives the animal the feeling of being touched by its owner".

NTU Associate Professor Adrian David Cheok explained: "These days, parents go on a lot of business trips, but with children, hugging and touching are very important." Accordingly, NTU is "thinking of a pyjama suit for children, which would use the internet to adjust changes in pressure and temperature to simulate the feeling of being hugged".
Marvellous. We have no doubt absentee parents and Gary Glitter will find this technology most interesting.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Question to ask others


Yo yo, I have a favour to ask everyone: since we played a show and many people that we know attended and we played pretty well, I think we should ask around and try and find out what sort of genre we could fit into, comparisons to what we sound like etc. I don't think we sound like anyone and that's exciting because that's hard to do and we aren't trying, so that's a good sign in my eyes. BUT I'd like to be able to describe our sound somehow to other people. So, you (being the rest of the band) know more people who were at the show than I do, so if you could ask around and let me know what the masses are saying that would be cool.


Here, for colour, is a picture of my dream car. The car that inspired Ford Prefect's name in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. . . .THE 1956 FORD PREFECT!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Isn't it great?? YEAH!

Friggin' Intense yet again

This guy's skill hurts my soul. He's so good and prolific that even if I live to be a 1000, I will never have as much frickin great artwork at this dude.

So amazing. It makes me angry and a little depressed, there's so much great stuff here.


I wish i could apply myself. Shitte.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

95 Creative Ideas

I found this on www.kerismith.com and i think these are good ideas for doing soem fun artsy things.

1. Go for a walk. Draw or list things you find on the the sidewalk. 2. Write a letter to yourself in the future. 3. Buy something inexpensive as a symbol for your need to create, (new pen, a tea cup, journal). Use it everyday. 4. Draw your dinner. 5. Find a piece of poetry you respond to. Rewrite it and glue it into your journal. 6. Glue an envelope into your journal. For one week collect items you find on the street. 7. Expose yourself to a new artist, (go to a gallery, or in a book.) Write about what moves you about it. 8. Find a photo of a person you do not know. Write a brief bio about them. 9. Spend a day drawing only red things. 10. Draw your bike. 11. Make a list of everything you buy in the next week. 12. Make a map of everywhere you went in one day. 13. Draw a map of the creases on your hand, (knuckles, palm) 14. Trace your footsteps with chalk. 15. Record an overheard conversation. 16. Trace the path of the moon in relation to where you live. 17. Go to a paint store. Collect 'chips' of all your favorite colors. 18. Draw your favorite tree. 19. Take 15 minutes to eat an orange. 20. Write a haiku. 21. Hang upside down for five minutes. 22. Hang found objects from tree branches. 23. Make a puppet. 24. Create an outdoor room from things you find in nature. 25. Read a book in one day. 26. Illustrate your grocery list. 27. Read a story out loud to a friend. 28. Write a letter to someone you admire. 29. Study the face of someone you do not like. 30. Make a meal based on a color theme. (i.e. all white). 31. Creat a museum of very small things. 32. List the smells in your neighborhood. 33. List 100 uses for a tin can. 34. Fill an entire page in your jounral with small circles. Color them in. 35. Give away something you love. 36. Choose an object, draw the side you can't see. 37. List all of the places you've ever lived. 38. Describe your favourite room in detail. 39. Write about your relationship with your washing machine. 40. Draw all of the things in your purse/bag. 41. Make a mini book based on the theme, "my grocery list". 42. Create a character based on someone you know. Write a list of personality traits. 43. Recall your favorite childhood game. 44. Put postcards of art pieces/painting on the inside of your kitchen cupboard doors, so you can see them everyday (but not become deaf to them.) 45. Draw the same object every day for a week. 46. Write in your journal using a different medium (brush & ink, charcoal, old typewriter, crayons, fat markers. 47. Draw the individual items of your favorite outfit. 48. Make a useful item using only paper & tape. 49. Research a celebration or ritual from another culture. 50. Do a temporary art installation using a pad of post it notes & a pen. 51. Draw a map of your favorite sitting spots in your town/city. (photocopy it and give it to someone you like.) 52. Record all of the sounds you hear in the course of one hours. 53. Using a grid, collect various textures from magazine and play them off of each other. 54. Cut out all media for one day. Write about the effects. 55. Make pencil rubbings of six different surfaces. 56. Draw your garbage. 57. Do a morning collage. 58. List your ten most important things, (not including animals or people.) 59. List ten things you would like to do every day. 60. Glue a photo of yourself as a child into your journal. 61. Trasform some garbage. 62. Write an entry in your journal in really LARGE letters. 63. Collect some 'flat' things in nature (leaves, flowers). Glue or tape them into your journal. 64. Physically alter a page. (i.e. cut a hole, pour tea on it, burn it, fold it, etc.) 65. Find several color combinations you respond to in public. Document them using swatches, write where you found them. 66. Write a journal entry describing something "secret". Cut it up into several pieces and glue them back in scrambled. 67. Record descriptions or definitions of subjects or words you are interested in, found in encyclopedias or dictionaries. 68. Draw the outline of an object without looking at the page. (contour drawing). 69. What were you thinking just now? write it down. 70. Do nothing. 71. Write a list of ten things you could to do. Do the last thing on the list. 72. Create an image using dots. 73. Do 3 drawings at different speeds. 74. Put a small object in your left pocket (or in a bag), Put your left hand in the pocket. Draw it by feel. 75. Create a graph documenting or measuring something in your life. 76. Draw the sun. 77. Create instructions for a simple everyday task. 78. Make prints using food. (fruit and vegetables cut in half, fish, etc.) 79. Find a photo. Alter it by drawing over it. 80. Write a letter using an unconventional medium. 81. Draw one object for twenty minutes. 82. Combine two activities that have not been combined before. 83. Write about your day in an encyclopedic fashion. (i.e. organize by subject.) 84. Write a list of all the things you do to escape. 85. Cut a random shape out of several layers of a magazine. Make a collage out of the results. 86. Write an entry in code. 87. Make a painting using tools from the bathroom. 88. Work with a medium that is subtractive. 89. Write about or draw some of the doors in your life. 90. Make a postcard that has some kind of activity on it. 91. Divise a journal entry using "layers". 92. Divise an entry using "layers". 93. Write your own definition of one of the following concepts, sitting, waiting, sleeping (without using the actual word.) 94. List 10 of your habits. 95. Illustrate the concept of "simplicity".

It's a little jumbled, but still great.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nevermind, pictures are here.

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Maysen Show teaser

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well I'm sleepy and I'm having internet problems so here's a teaser. The pictures will come tomorrow I guess. This isthe fancy playlist I made for the show but forgot at home.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Stay Tuned. . .

Was a good movie with John Ritter in it!

and, I have all kinds of stuff ready to post, so maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll have, pictures from the show, pictures of snap caravan, cuba pictures, and my mini comic I've been putting off finishing for a year and have finally made a fair amount of progress on.

Sorry Dave, it's not the Combustibles. hopefully someday.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pretty intense and amazing


This is quite possibly the strangest thing I've ever seen o nthe internet. And I've seen soem strange stuff.

Would you like a little plane like this powered by houseflies?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

here's how:



Friggin intense.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dun Dun Daaaaa!!

Today's my birthday!


That is all.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Poster for when we get famous

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a picture  I took off my balcony last winter with a PS filter on it. I was going to make a poster for the show with it, but i ended up liking this more.


This is my desk at work! ZOOM! How exciting!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's different now though I have new computer that's black and I'll be moving to another place i nthe building due to renovations. I think my new desk will be brown. It's the new black I hear.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory VERMONT

Yo dudes! A few months ago my friend from work and i were talking about ice cream and how we would like to get some. So we cut work for the day and drove down to Vermont with a cooler and an appetite for dairy products. We were also talking about how neither of us really does anything that spontaneous or irresponsible anymore so it worked out pretty well. A helpful travellers tip is: never cross the border in that town o tnhe border whose name i forget (stanstead?), the guards are super dicks and won't even give you directions to get back to the highway. They tell you to go buy a map across the street eventhough the way back tpo the highway is also across the street we found out. And a good way ot confuse borders guards is to tel lthem you're going to an ice cream factory.

So this is the outside wit hte giant tanks of milk and cream. pretty wacky. i thought it was pretty intense.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After the tour I had to poop and this was written o tnhe stall wall i nthe factory. I thought it was kind of ironic or inappropriate. Either one. Someone paid 3 bucks to tour an ice cream factory, and probably bought ice cream because it's out i tnhe middle of nowhere and wrote Stop the Enslavement of Animals on a stall wall. They don't even use bovine growth hormone o ntheir cows, which is pretty friendly. Not that a dairy cow has a happy fun life, but at least their cows aren't bustin with hormones out the wazoo.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the "Flavour Graveyard" up o nthe hill. I took a picture of this burial plot because Coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz was Rena's favourite kind. As you can see there are soem disgusting flavours like "Cannoli" I think it had garlic in in or soem such repulsive thing to have in ice cream.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's really all I've got to say about that. i twas a pretty fun trip, and it was nice to skip work for soemthing silly, but nothing very exciting happened except the eating of ice cream. Oh, except for one thing, when we were crossing the border to go back into Canada the conversation with the border guard was pretty priceless.


GUARD: What was the nature of your visit to the US?

ME: Visiting Ben & Jerry's Ice cream Factory.

GUARD: Really?

ME: Yep.

GUARD: Anything to declare?

ME: Ice cream.

Friday, November 04, 2005


I found this by accident. So awesome. The write up is the funniest thing ever!