Friday, September 30, 2005

A thought.

When reading the harry Potter novels, one has to stop and ask oneself, "Self, how intense would it be if a Ninja was also a Wizard?"

The answer Self would invariably reply to this query would be," Intense. FRIGGIN INTENSE."

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Great Art

This is quite possibly one of the greatest pictures of all time. Timeless in it's sincerity and the grip of its inherent passion tugs heartily at my heart. If only all art could be this passionate and true.

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Apparently this is a real picture (looks pretty real to me anyway) that was a joke and never really meant for the public. Either way, I really enjoyed it. Especially Leia's face, GOLD!


Monday, September 26, 2005

Two unrelated pictures

I had to scan my college diploma for my application and i had forgotten that this picture was behind it. It's my graduating class. The guy on the far left had a gold 1980s Corvette which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen anyone own. And hte old guy in the back is Bob Roper, he was head of A&R of Warner Bros. Music i nthe 80s so he knows pretty much everyone and currently manages Laurence Gowan otherwise known as GOWAN. ie. "you're a strange animal, that's what I know." I look stoned. (I'm not) I also kind of look like I'm playing air guitar on my diploma. (this is quite possible)

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And i finally found this picture. I printed it to test our new printer and i think it turned out pretty well. It's one of my few pictures I've taken that I think look really awesome, Like I think I might frame the one I printed and put it up or give it to soemone for Christmas.

Image hosted by

p.s. Oliver and Josie are taking Roscoe tonight. And that's cool. I'm glad he'll have a home.

This Toilet Earth

This should be used as some kind of  Cola commercial or soemthing. I think it would be effective.


Image hosted by

(It's true you know)

Mr. Redface

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i made this in paint in like 3 to 5 minutes using the spray can. It was like speed pointilism. It was pretty fun. It looks better if you stand far away or squint, almost liek a real painting! Whoa.


When I chaged it to a JPEG it made it look all scabby but i sort of like it this way.

p.s. Who wants a cat?



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Yo! THis is the cat i found in my building. No one has claimed him and someone took down my posters, so if anyone wants him they can have him. He very very friendly. Everytime i go o nthe room he's purring like crazy and rubbingon my legs and jumping in my lap, even when I'm not really sitting down so my lap doesn't even technically exist. He's really well behaved, like we have him in a room by himself because of our 2 other cats and he hasn't chewed clawed or broken anything and he almost never meows and doesn't howl at all. He seems pretty happy.

  he still has his "boys" and his claws and has a n extra toes on each of his front feet. Also he has been dilligently using his litter box which makes me happy because my own cats don't even do that all the time.

I would keep him but two cats is too many cats for an apartment already.


he also really enjoys playing in/with water so you have to put his dish on a towel. But I bet it would be really easy to give him a bath. He'd probably like it.

I named him Roscoe because it seeemd suiting but if you pick him up you can name him whatever you want. So anyone i nthe Lennoxville area can have a cool cat free of charge. Otherwise I might ask a friend of mine at work to take him out to her family farm and I'd prefer if he went to soemone's home because he's so friendly.

if you want him tell me at bazookaradio AT

Thursday, September 22, 2005


So this is my first drawing of a transformer and well i think it turned out pretty alright. I lifted it from the cover of one of the new Transformers comics, possibly number 4? I made his hand into a thumbs up because it seemed to me that that is what Blaster would do. I'm probably going to make this into a bazooka radio poster and have it say, "my radio can transform into a giant robot, fight evil, rap and breakdance. What does your radio do?"

Image hosted by

The sketchpad is really big, so i didn't get the whole image, but pretty close. I like the shading on the hand. It turned out really well even though I didn't give him the right amount of fingers.


Rock on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Here's some pictures I drew from the best comic i've ever laid my grubby little paws on INFINITE KUNG FU created by Kagan McLeod, check out more at or This is my favourite character as you can tell by my drawing him so many times. (the middle one's in charcoal. . .Oooo)


Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Ou est la pictures?

Poo gas.

i posted pictures and they aren't here. What a load of hooey.

A Boy and his Blob

A Boy and his Blob was great original nintendo game. You were kid with a bag of different sorts of candy and you were followed around by this blob and feeding the blob different sorts of candy would make him turn into various helpful items like licorice would make him turn into a ladder etc. it was pretty cool. I don't think they make games that neat anymore.

Anyway, now thati have a scanner I'm thinking about scanning soem sketxchbook pages because I like to look at the sort of thing so maybe other people will as well.

i'm at work so no luck with sketchbook pages today. Sorry.

p.s. popples were not just for girls no matter what anyone says.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Pubic Service Announcement

When you're walking down the street and someone shouts, "NERD!!" Don't turn and look. The same is to be said for any number of insults such as, fag, loser, jerk, I'm gonna kick yer ass, etc.

Fat Selfish Brains

I was reading an article on how our brains are getting bigger and more complex. (i don't really see that in today's society) and the science guy said this:

"Just because these genes are still evolving, doesn't necessarily mean they make you any smarter. We've evolved genes for selfishness, violence, cruelty รป- all of which are in place because they may make survival easier.''

I'd have to say I disagree with that. None of those traits make survival easier, they make life terrible. i suppose maybe you might survive better than someone who was generous, pacifist, meek and compassionate BUT i mean really, who would you preferred survived? And really when you think about it, it's not like we're out i nthe wilderness hunting to survive. i don't think those traits help us in any way at all at this point in time. They only hinder us and our big ole brains.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fairly Accurate

Saw this quote, thought it was suitably depressing about work. Not to complain though since i'm not chest deep in water filled with gas and human feces and dead bodies etc. those folks have soemthing to complain about.

"it's not work that sucks,
it's working to build the dreams of others
while yours just fester and die."


Hooray for for slightly more frequent updates.