Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Only group photo

Not the best group photo ever, and not even very real but it's still the only one in existence. Creepy.
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I present to you, Doppelganger Effekt. . .

Enjoy our sexy, beefcakedness.

Doppelganger Effekt website

Hey hey! we have a new awesome URL address and a bunch of newish things on the website thanks to Etienne and Ilana. ROCK AND ROLL!


we also have a myspace if you're into that kind of nerd community stuff.


Rock out homies.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Holy Smokes!

I hate guns, but this is too freakin awesome!


It's a gun nut dude shooting body armour over top of clay chunks and holy cow . . i hope I never ever get shot by anything for any reason. Jeez.

Words of wisdom,

"The only use for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you shouldn't have laid down in the first place."


"Shooting things is fun."

More opportunities

Anybody out there actually write stuff? Collection of short stories? Poems? A secret novel you haven't told anyone about? Mayhaps you should peep this here little publisher they're accepting manuscripts this month about anything so i sent in my book of "poems." WHo knows? Better chances this way than sitting in my hard drive doing nothing.


Bonne Chance Mes Ami(e)s!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Be in the AGO Exhibit

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Check it out folks! Make a 4X6 self portrait and do what this picture tells you to do and you'll be in an art exhibit. If that isn't the bus, I don't know what is my friends.

THey're going for a world record here so it's quantity over quality!



Creepy / weird

I'm not sure ghow I feel about this. It just struck me funny, like um I don't think this is right. I got an email, like some inspirational crud and at the end it said,

"If you can read this, thank a teacher! If you're reading this in english. . thank a soldier!"

p.s. Haste the Day is a pretty rockin good band.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Doppelganger Effekt take 2

These were taken in St. Mark's Chapel on Bishop's campus, it's actually a pretty beautiful little church. But very dark ,and i had no flash so the aperture is set on 8 i nthese pictures and with no tripod it's a slow shutter, but somehow Sam and i managed to take reasonably good pictures with very little blurring. I liek the photos by the trees better, but these are definetly cool also. Etienne's is the coolest  I think. If/when we do it again we should do it when it's sunny outside so it's a little brighter in there. Again, i took these except for the one of me. I'm fairly proud of myself since it's only my second film in an SLR ever.

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For the first time ever. . Doppelganger Effekt Pic

Pictures! I took all of these pictures except the ones of me. obviously. I think these ones turned out pretty well.

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Artst Fartsy

This is my first SLR black and white photo and it turned out pretty cool methinks. That's my super sexy Yamaha guitar. I hope to someday be famous and play exclusively Yamaha stuff. Why? I don't know.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Robot a Day!

My robot is the robot of the day over at RAD Robot. You should check it out. (again) there's a bunch of new slick robots over there. I especially liek the one with the turntable on his head. Very cute.



Thursday, February 16, 2006


I'm still not sure what googlism is really, but these are mine:

chris brandon is mobbed by his teammates after scoring against northampton
chris brandon is not black
chris brandon is a young midfielder
chris brandon is out with a groin strain
chris brandon is expected to be passed fit
chris brandon is buff bagwell

I liek these one's better:

christopher brandon is like the hot male version of me
christopher brandon is a gentleman
christopher brandon is heavily asleep

or these are also pretty good:

my penis is all about privacy
my penis is just fine
my penis is bent to one side
my penis is curved to the left like a banana
my penis is so small
my penis is too big and i'm hurting her?
my penis is too small i want a bigger one
my penis is orange
my penis is law
my penis is very big
my penis is really small" by aaron galbraith
my penis is green'
my penis is computer brain
my penis is on fire
my penis is not up where?
my penis is hardly ever
my penis is bigger then yours
my penis is sore and unsightly
my penis is small’
my penis is bigger than yours
my penis is bent to one side topic area
my penis is curved to the left like a banana topic area
my penis is fine
my penis is shedding (?)
my penis is very big and most girls are to afraid to do any thing with me
my penis is 12" hard 8" soft 5" around i think that i am to big for my age but my gf say she like me to be bigger
my penis is really small
my penis is green
my penis is green url
my penis is sore
my penis is in your butt
my penis is so dry
my penis is not up where?
my penis is not up where?
double whammy
my penis is frothing at the mouth
my penis is often quite small
my penis is generally smaller
my penis ismy penis is this long
my penis is 4 inches long when it is erected
my penis is erect
my penis is smaller than when i was in my 20ies
my penis is highly sensitive and i can't last long
my penis is very sensitive
my penis is big
my penis is only 5" long and i am 16 years of age is that too small or does it still have time to grow??
my penis is about five inches in length when erect
my penis is my way of being part of the crowd
my penis is remarkable i mean my penis has a remarkable following hordes of adoring fans really on a planet that isn't in our solar
my penis is one color throughout
my penis is very curved down
my penis is hardly ever hard; im only 16
my penis is huge
my penis is now 18cm and the girth 15cm
my penis is very small when not erected
my penis is inmy penis is getting pretty large
my penis is not erect and even then the tip tends to bend down slightly
my penis is large
my penis is growing
my penis is red and infected
my penis is not really scary at all but i have met girls who are afraid of penisses that are un
my penis is erected
my penis is the one true path of salvation
my penis is not of a fixed length?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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I think  I should try to marry William Shatner. He's so friggin intense.

Enjoy some cool.

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Do you need your ears lowered?

Are you a dude?
Do you live in lennoxville?
Are you tired of paying 17 dollars for a simple dude haircut?

Maybe you should check out the barber shop on Queen across from City Hall on the same side of the street. (also across fro mthe united church i guess). Dude's name is Terry and he cuts hair. Best hair cut I've had since i moved here, good funny banter and only cost 9 bucks. (plus tip)

Rock and hell ass damn roll!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


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This is drawing practice again. i have thing for fonts. (don't make fun) this one is pretty great. I think it's kind of my fav at the moment. It's called "cast iron" and you can get it at www.dafont.com if you like it too. I know the spacing is a bit off but soemtimes I'm not picky enough for my own good. Also the girl looks a littlefunny but I need to practice drawing girls too. I'm just not great at it. I'm mostly good at cartoons and ugly/old/wrinkly people. Not really so talented at pretty. I can manage cute animals but not pretty girls. As a side story i drew this while watching Lethal Weapon II at 2 am, then inked it the next day watching Lethal Weapon II . . . again. Not so much due to my intense love of Lethal Weapon (I do like Lethal Weapon, don't get me wrong) but because the night before Rena fell asleep an missed 3/4 of the movie. The funny part is, she fell asleep the second time around also.  : )


I should probably also start using a ruler, compass etc. My lines are wobbly and my O's a gooby. Maybe someday I can call myself an artist. Back to work.


Rock on.

The Name of my future Dojo

Some day I'll be a martial arts masster. This will be the logo on my shirt. It'll be wicked.

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Actually inspired by when Curtis and I were headed to do bazooka radio and we ran across Ilana's brother Cameron and he was coming from karate class and he was telling us about this new move he was learning called: a cartwheel. It had a fancy japanese name, but it was a cartwheel. The name kind of followed naturally with the banter that ensued.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Nutty French(CANADIAN!) Artist

This dude is the bus. I really like the curly gun and the giant metal dude holding a street lamp. He also has a full sized pedal car.


check out the pedal car:


Stoopid fresh. Also, check out the new exhibit at hte Foreman Gallery at Bishops, there are a couple neat-o things by Annie MacDonnel. I'm not sure if they have all of her photos but she showed my printmaking class and they were pretty gnarly. Try a google image search with her name. You don't get much but you sort of get the idea. She uses found photos and video.

Snap! These beats are so FRESH.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Monster a day

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I had the idea that i would do a monster a day, just for a week, kind of themed on the day but I didn't really. Just did Monday. Maybe someday my time and ability will catch up to my ambition.


And for the entry before this one. . well, i jsut don't remember html. Just drop it ok. DROP IT! I DON WAN TALK BOUT IT NOO MORES!

Boob joke

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Sorry folks, it just couldn't be helped. For more insanly dirty (at times) and pretty funny jokes click <a href= http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com>boobs.<a/>