Wednesday, January 19, 2005

DJ Lorenzo Special

bazooka radio redux [nugga nooch]
"The Lorenzo Edition"
January 19th 2005 (ie. the future)

chicago is so two years ago - fall out boy - sub city
move to bramerton - mxpx -life in general
mable - goldfinger - s/t
the hatchet song - raggmopp - please reproduce this album in any form CAN
on that stage - mike park - ?
best deceptions - dashboard confessional - the places you have come to fear the most
blue in the face - alkaline trio - good mourning
turn it out - death from above 1979 - you're a woman, I'm a machine CAN
rockaway beach - the ramones -all the stuff and more
alphaman - half baked - satango CAN
somewhere over the rainy shoes - raggmopp - please reproduce this album in any form CAN
lost time - joey hackl - demo CAN
what it is to burn - finch - what it is to burn
unretrofied - the dillinger escape plan - miss machine
hey mama - the black eyed peas - elephunk

Stay classy lennoxville. . .


A little superman reference. hooray for that. I found out that Christopher Reeves died awhile back. What a bummer. I don't know why but I always just figured he'd be the dude that would atually be able to walk again and all that. Guess not. Too bad though. Also Defoerst Kelley died with very little fanfare. (to those of you out of the know that's Dr. "Bones" mcCoy from the original Star Trek) He was my favourite. Still is really. Anyhoo, R.I.P. (in latin! woot.)

So waht i was getting at is I was reading the general band blog and Illana was saying soemthing about going to Montreal to record some stuff. I think we have a ways to go before we record really. i knwo for a fact that before we record we need to practice a bit more so we should talk about it. See which songs we want ot record and make them concrete so we all know just where everything is. Also on a brighter note, if my brother in-law is willing, he is an excellent recording type guy and would do it for cheap or free I'd wager. probably just cheap because his time, like anyone's is valuable. But he is really good at it. i could play you guys soem of his stuff that he did all himself on his computer. it's pretty impressive really. That way we don't get boned by some studio and we get a good quality recording for a much cheaper price. I've recorded stuff i na studio before and this way, I think at this stage would be much better and easier. At the same time we'd still coem out with something with real quality. he's also be able to use it in his " portfolio."

i don't know if you guys read this or not but I'll talk to you about it next time I see you. I'm going over ther eo nfriday barring tyhe unforseen so I'll talk to him about it and see how he feels before I make any promises or ceramic ashtrays.

All this is directed to Doppelganger Effekt in case i wasn't clear.


(except the DeForest Kelley thing, that was just for me)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

January 5000

bazooka radio redux where everything is slashed in half, including our torsos (and prices)

wednesday january 11(12?) where am I?
HAHA!! it's january 12th! you tried to fool be but you failed! SUCKERS!

blood on our hands - death from above 1979 - you're a woman, I'm a machine CAN
lucky sperm club - half baked - satango CAN (sherbrooke even!)
texan book of the dead - clutch - s/t
foxey lady - jimi hendrix - smash hits
do your feet hurt? - mxpx - life in general
suicidal dream - silverchair - frogstomp
i got a girl - tripping daisy - i am an elastic firecracker
baby's first coffin - the dillinger escape plan - miss machine
no transitory - alexisonfire - watch out CAN
lobster boy - RAGGMOPP - please reproduce this album in any form CAN
butterfly - weezer - pinkerton
opportunity - the planet smashers - mighty CAN
bored - deftones - adrenaline