Saturday, April 30, 2005



 WOOT! Stabby stabby!

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This was made using purely "analog" methods. No digital effects were used.

Why i didn't come to practice

I had to get this operation done. It's working out pretty well.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I learned that word from cereal boxes way back when in my childhood. I have a habit of needing to read while I eat. So any kind of food package with writing on it (particularly cereal boxes) were very well read. Still are to this day as a matter of fact. So that's that. I enjoy reading. I wish I could write more i nthis cheese log but the only time i feel like it or have an idea for soemhting to write about I'm at work. and i thin kbeing on the internet at work may possibly be the cause of my troubles at work so i've been making an effort to stop. which is a bummer bewcause perusing the internet is my only source of joy at work, aside from going for walks in the naural light with Rena. but that only takes up 20 minutes of my 8 hour day.So HOORAY FOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS! I actually don't evne know what I've done wrong so that worries me at least a little.Usually I know when I 've doe nthe wrong thing or gotten my self in trouble. I am very very highly skilled at getting into trouble. Many years of experience you see. it appears I don't even have to try anymore. Zoom!

I baked today. I baked gluten tea biscuits. and with the left overs fried up a gluten steak. both ended up quite tasty. Gluten flour, butter, cream, water, baking powder (the magic kind) and a pinch of salt. It was my first time baking so go me.

i also now have a copy of Metallica . . .and Justice for All on CD thanks to a co-worker whose CD i have exploited. I already bought it on cassette, it seems unfair and wasteful to buy it again on CD for 27 dollars. Pssshaw.