Thursday, October 13, 2005



So yeah, I don't really like basketball but i drew this dude and he looked like he was kind of tall, so I'm like um, basketball dude. I know he's a weird proportion but i'm also trying to get better at drawing with nothing to look at. Here's an early attempt. I'm hoping the attempts will get better as time goes on. I'm also trying to work on backgrounds some more as i usually don't draw them. Hence, the background.

It's possible i won't post again until November, but I'll have some Cuba pictures. Zoom.

Check you later dudes and dudettes.

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Stolen from Roast Beef's Blog

I feel the same way my man Beef feels about this particular subject. I just dropped a hundo on my licence registration. SOB's.

Car registration fees due again
Man they hock you up for a couple hundo a year and I got to think they ain't usin' that money properly. If you ever drive by a road work site where some gutto dude with a two-sided STOP/SLOW sign is makin' thirty bucks an hour and he is Lawrence from Office Space, then you know what I mean. That man is takin' home more clams than your basic scientist.Here is what I think the Department of Motor Vehicles does when they are deciding how to use all our car registration fees.

1. Oh dogg we just got mad checks in the mail! We gonna get off the HOOK!

2. No man we got to use that money on roads and conditions

1. Come on we got to get some beers and some Sam Adams you know?! Fra-lacha!

2. There is a problem with drainage at the Gleason off-ramp

1. So let's park some trucks there from May through July and just party, man!

2. Wait. Really?

1. Who gonna ask, maen?


1. We can party with my cousin Victor! Mad checks just came in, dooood!

That is what I think happens when I send my money to an office that I never see and they get to use the money in a way I can't see.

Monday, October 10, 2005


That's what he's sayin' dude.

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So. . . do you wanna?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Stolen Creativity

Exclusive Interview with the Moon

The moon talks about what drove her away from the earth, reveals her dark side, and why she never reads Dante.

Interviewed by Dale Beran

So how did you come to circle the earth?
Well, actually I broke apart from the earth 3.5 billion years ago when we were a single mingled mass, super-heated, but quickly cooling.

Oh, wow. So are you still on good terms with him?
[laughs] Well, that was a long time ago.

And the sun?
Yes, he was there too, years back. It was very strange. We were all living together, compressed into the head of a pin.

Was it better then?
You know it’s hard to say. We had no money. I sank into a deep despair. But there were good things. Sweating in that little apartment, the rest of the celestial bodies pushed against yours, young, waiting, for what? You had to go crazy. The fights we would have. The sun would catch my fists as I flung them at him. Nothing was ever in the refrigerator. How I burned then to be alone.

Everyone knows you have a dark side, but what's it like?
The sun is a powerful force. I'll be the first to admit that. But it's not like I'm hiding anything from him. It's just that he wants to see all of me, and I don't think that's what I want. So some things... some things remain obscure.

How often are you kissed by the stray asteroid?
It happens now and then, but not as often as people think. It's just that each one, over the eons, leaves an indelible mark. It's difficult to tell how many because when I regard my reflection, it is often broken into a million pieces in earth's troubled waters.

Yes, in desperate times, I've noticed.
Do you watch me?

I watch you change, sometimes, from my bedroom window. It's not something I'm ashamed of, but not something I mention to anyone.
It's ok.


Wasn't that how the poet Li Po drowned?

"And Li Po also died drunkHe tried to embrace a moonIn the yellow river."
I didn't know that.

Do you feel responsible for the death of poets?

Do you think it was fair how Dante portrayed you, a sphere of imperfection, not quite in heaven, not quite as flawed as the earth?
People can write what they like. They are ephemera to me. I can only see the larger picture, longer than the brief pattern of their lives.

Do I have enough oxygen to reach home?
[laughs] Apparently not.

What should I do?
You should stay with me forever in the Mare Lacrimae.

Is there such a place?
It is a curved pool of silken silt.

[laughs] Thank you, moon! You've been a great interviewee!
My pleasure.

i swiped this from which basically has the best writing on the internet.

So check it out! a lesson is learned, but the damage is irreversible.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dead Enders

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This is a copy of the cover of Dead Enders #1. It's pretty good comic I picked up in the bargain bin. I don't have all the issues so it's kind of annoying but it has a good storyline. One of those post apocalyptic type dealies. Except you find out later things are messed up because of time experiements bent space and time and it's all coming to an end etc. I don't know how it ends unfortunately. I'm sure I'll get the missing issues eventually. That's the big downside with comics.

     Also, i like the cover art way better than the inside art. That's another thing about comics that's super misleading and I think is sort of odd. A different artist will do the cover art than the inside art. What tha deal? I think it's cool to have maybe a guest artist do a cover every once and awhile for a publicity thing but I think the artist should do the cover too.

But that's just my opinion.

Likeness practice

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This is a drawing I did of my college student card that was o nthe table. I'm trying to get better at doing drawings that actually look like people and with a little expression instead of a dead pan looking right at you kind of thing because when you think about it what good is that? NO GOOD! So  Ithought this one turned out pretty well. The mouth is a little wonky but my mouth is a little wonky in real life i nthis picture too.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Another successful picture

I just like the perspective/focus in this picture. If you take enough pictures, one or two of them is bound to turn out nicely.

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Animals have problems too!

Howdy internet folks. I mailed a fan art ot the dude who does and he posted it as a GUEST strip, not just a measly fan art. This is it, but if you check out the site you'll see other pictures that are pretty durn funny. I laugh at them pretty consistently.

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