Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sketch Dump

I've been whiz-bangin facebook lately so no posts. Here's some stuff I drew last night while watching "Spaced Invaders." (classic)

This is my default doodle man who wears his banana hammock with pride. I guess the story on this is he went on a bender and fell out of a plane? I'm not sure. I think I've been looking at too much Renaissance art lately for school.


Not exactly sure about this. They strike me as being Gooooms so that's what i'll call them.


This is my good print from the ole woodblocks. I don't think I ever actually posted this picture. It's old now.


These two are for voting on Turtle VS. Bunny (A Joe Dunn Venture)

You send in drawings of your favourite character to vote on who wins. I'm with Turtle.

I'm with Turtle

It says Chris 06 instead of 07 because I'm high on drugs apparently & I can't remember what year it is. I guess it could also be from all the time travelling. . .

And I can't help making a VS. picture. I like making little VS pictures.

Nature's Greatest Feud

That's all for now.
Rock on dudes!